Mathieu Casado

Alfred Wegener Institute

PUBLICATIONS (Number of citations excluding self-citations)

Peer reviewed articles

M. Casado, A. Landais, G. Picard, L. Arnaud, G. Dreossi, B. Stenni, and F. Prié, The triple water isotopes signature of snow surface metamorphism, Geophysical Review Letter, Under Review

N. Jobert, M. Casado, S. Kassi, Optomechanical analysis of an optical contacted V-Shaped cavity, Applied Physics B, Under Review

M. Casado, T. Soltmann, A. Landais, N. Jobert, M. Daeron, F. Prie, S. Kassi, Hz-level stability in infrared spectroscopy : adapting clock techniques to optical feedback, Applied Physics B, Under Review

C. Leroy-Dos Santos, M. Casado, F. Prié, O. Jossoud, E. Kerstel, S. Kassi, E.Fourré, A. Landais, A dedicated robust instrument for water vapor generation at low humidity for use with a laser water isotope analyzer in cold and dry polar regions, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2021 — (read)

C. Leroy-Dos Santos, V. Masson-Delmotte, M. Casado, E. Fourré, H. C. Steen-Larsen, A. Orsi, O. Cattani, B. Minster, J. Gherardi, A. Landais, A 4.5 year-long record of Svalbard water vapor isotopic composition documents winter moisture origin, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmosphere, 2020 — (read)

M. Casado, T. Münch, T. Laepple, Archived information in ice cores: impact of intermittency and diffusion on the recorded isotopic signal in Antarctica, Climate of the Past, 2020 — (read)

M. Casado, G. Gremion, P. Rosenbaum, J. A. Caccavo, K. Aho, N. Champollion, S. Connors, A. Dahood, A. Fernandez, M. Lizotte, K. Mintenbeck, E. Poloczanska, G. Fugmann, The benefits to climate science of including Early Career Scientists as reviewers, Geoscience Communication, 2020 — (read)

P. Bohleber, M. Casado, K. Ashworth, C. A. Baker, A. Belcher, J. A. Caccavo, H. Jenkins, E. Satterthwaite, A. Spolaor, and V. H. L. Winton, Successful Practice in Early Career Networks: Insights from the Polar Sciences, Advances in Geosciences, 2020 — (read)

C. Bréant, C. Leroy Dos Santos, M. Casado, S. Goursaud, V. Masson-Delmotte, O. Cattani, F. Prié, E. Fourré, B. Golly, A. Orsi, P. Martinerie, A. Landais, Coastal water vapor isotopic composition driven by katabatic wind variability in summer at Dumont d’Urville, coastal East Antarctica, Earth and Planetary Sciences Letter, 2019 — (read)

Z. Wei, F. Aemisegger, M. Benetti, M. Berkelhammer, M. Casado, K. Caylor, et al., A global database of water vapor isotopes measured with high temporal resolution infrared laser spectroscopy, Scientific Data, 2019 — (read)

M. Casado, A. Landais, G Picard, T. Munch, T. Laepple, B. Stenni, G. Dreossi, A. Ekaykin, L. Arnaud, C. Genthon, A. Touzeau, V. Masson-Delmotte, J Jouzel, Archival processes of the water stable isotope signal in East Antarctic ice cores, The Cryosphere, 2018 (1 citation) — (read)

S. Kassi, T. Stoltmann, M. Casado, M. Daeron, A. Campargue, Lamb dip CRDS of highly saturated transitions of water near 1.4µm, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2018 (2 citations) — (read)

T. Laepple, T. Munch, M. Casado, M. Hoerhold, A. Landais, S. Kipfstuhl, On the similarity and apparent cycles of isotopic variations in East Antarctic snow-pits, The Cryosphere, 2018 (4 citations) — (read)

T. Stoltmann, M. Casado, M. Daeron, A. Landais, S. Kassi, Precise measurements of 17O anomalies in CO2 using molecular absorption spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry, 2017 (2 citations) — (read)

L. Sheldon, A. Czaja, B. Vannière, C. Morcrette, M. Casado and D. Smith, A "warm path" to Gulf Stream-Troposphere interactions, Tellus A, 2017 (4 citations) — (read)

C. Genthon, L. Piard, E. Vignon, J.B. Madeleine, M. Casado, H. Gallée, Atmospheric moisture supersaturation in the near-surface atmosphere at Dome C, antarctic plateau, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2017 (6 citations — (read)

M. Casado, A. Landais, V. Masson-Delmotte, C. Genthon, E. Kerstel, S.Kassi, L. Arnaud, G. Picard, F. Prie, O. Cattani, H. C. Steen-Larsen, E. Vignon, P. Cermak, Continuous measurements of isotopic composition of water vapour on the East Antarctic Plateau, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2016 (16 citations) — (read)

A. Touzeau, A. Landais, B. Stenni, R. Uemura, K. Fukui, S. Fujita, S. Guilbaud, A. Ekaykin, M. Casado, E. Barkan, B. Luz, O. Magand, G. Teste, E. Le Meur, M. Baroni, J. Savarino, I. Bourgeois, and C. Risi, Acquisition of isotopic composition for surface snow in East Antarctica and the links to climatic parameters, The Cryosphere, 2016 (16 citation) — (read)

M. Casado, A. Cauquoin, A. Landais, D. Israel, A. Orsi, E. Pangui, J. Landsberg, E.Kerstel, F. Prie, J.F. Doussin, Experimental determination and theoretical framework of kinetic fractionation at the water vapour - ice interface at low temperature, Geochemica and Cosmochemica Acta, 2016 (8 citations) — (read)

P. Ortega, F. Lehner, D. Swingedouw, V. Masson-Delmotte, C. C. Raible, M. Casado, P. Yiou, A model-tested North Atlantic Oscillation reconstruction for the past millennium, Nature, 2015 (117 citations) — (read)

M Casado, P Ortega, V Masson-Delmotte, C Risi, D Swingedouw, V Daux, D Genty, F Maignan, O Solomina, B Vinther, N Viovy, P Yiou, Impact of precipitation intermittency on NAO-temperature signals in proxy records, Clim. Past, 2013 (19 citations) — (read)

Review paper

M. Casado, Antarctic Stable Isotopes, Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, 2018 (solicited) — (read)

A. Landais, M. Casado, F. Prié, O. Magand, L. Arnaud, A. Ekaykin, J.-R. Petit, G. Picard, M. Fily, B.Minster, A. Touzeau, S. Goursaud, V. Masson-Delmotte, J.Jouzel, A. Orsi, Surface studies of water isotopes in Antarctica for quantitative interpretation of deep ice core data, Comptes Rendus Geoscience, 2017 (1 citation) — (read)

Conference papers

R. Hébert, M. Casado, T. Laepple, Climate Variability Across Scales (CVAS): Phase Two, PAGES Magazine, 2020 — (read)

G. Gremion, M. Casado, M. Lizotte, N. Champollion, S. Shakil, A. Fernández, E. Seyboth, M. van Soest, K. Aho, J. A. Caccavo, E. Choy, et al, What Peer-review Experiences Can Offer To Early Career Researchers And To The Scientific Community, Young Earth Scientist Network German Chapter, 2020 — (read)

M. Casado, A. J. Orsi, A. Landais, On the limits of climate reconstruction from water stable isotopes in Polar ice cores, PAGES Magazine: CVAS special issue, 2017 — (read)

N. Jobert, M. Casado, S. Kassi, A. Landais, T. Stoltmann, Extreme stability of a V-shaped cavity optical feedback laser source, Proceedings of ASPE’s topical meeting on Precision Engineering and Optics, 2017

Science communications

M. Casado, about A field trip across the East Antarctic Plateau to study surface mass balance now and in the last 20 000 years, Scientific news,, March 2020

M. Casado, APECS community Members, Engage more early-career scientists as peer reviewers, Nature, August 2018 — (read)

M. Casado, A. J. Orsi, How to reconstruct past climates from water stable isotopes in Polar ice cores, EGU Climate division blog, March 2018

M. Casado, about Katabatic winds diminish precipitation contribution to the Antarctic ice mass balance, Scientific news,, Oct 2017

M. Casado, about Obliquity-paced climate change recorded in Antarctic debris-covered glaciers, Scientific news,, Oct 2017

M. Casado, Evaluation of the warm marine air intrusion at the French Antarctic station Dumont d’Urville using water stable isotopes as an atmospheric tracer, Mission report,, March 2017

M. Casado, about Antarctic last interglacial isotope peak in response to sea ice retreat, not ice-sheet collapse, Scientific news,, Jan 2017

M. Casado, about Antarctic ice sheet discharge driven by atmosphere-ocean feedbacks at the Last Glacial Termination, Scientific news,, Jan 2017

Contribution to newspaper articles in Le Monde (Edition of Friday the 30th of December 2016 – Page 6, and of Thursday the 13th of July 2017) — (read)